Build Your Own SaaS!

Practical information, guidelines and source code to build your dream online service.

In this book, you will find all the aspects of building a SaaS application based on years of experience.

The book is accompanied with a downloadable project template upon which you can build your SaaS solution - faster and better.

The downloadable project template includes all the code in the book as well as additional PHP code and all the MySql statements to create the database entities discussed in the book.

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Software as a Service - Book
Software as a Service - Book

With the purchase of this book, you'll gain access to all the source code of a SaaS project template. The project template, written in PHP and MySql, will save you hundreds of hours of coding when building your SaaS application.

What this Book Teaches

The book walks you through the various aspects of SaaS development, including a detailed database design and all the PHP code needed to manage the database tables that most SaaS applications require.

The book is divided into 9 sections as follows:

  1. Introduction: API and API integration, financial considerations and expectations, some keys for success and more.
  2. Setting the Stage: Project structure, hosting considerations and code design issues.
  3. Database essentials: Detailed description of all the necessary database tables (e.g., Accounts, Payments, Parameters, etc.) along with the soure code to manipulate them.
  4. Building the Front-End: An overview of some of the front-end pages needed in any SaaS, such as customer sign-up and login pages, pricing page, contact page, testimonial page and other related issues.
  5. SaaS Administration: Monitoring system growth, searching, viewing & updating accounts, composing newsletters & communicating with your customers.
  6. Back-End Processes: Parallel and background processing, watchdog processes & daily database backups.
  7. Handling Payments: Implementing subscription payments with PayPal, dealing with and monitoring failed payments.
  8. Affiliate Programs: How to build an affiliate program, keeping track of affiliates and compensation models.
  9. Appendices: Customer service, dealing with competition, security issues & installing OAuth.

Sample Pages

  • Page 11. APIs and how SaaS fits in...
  • Page 13. Why should you even bother ...
  • Page 30. Database essentials - Accounts table
  • Page 32. Accounts table definition ...
  • Page 39. Data layer code ...
  • Page 72. SaaS administration ...

Use this eBook and the downloadable project template to speed-up the process of building an effective SaaS application. Start generating online income in a shorter period of time.

Customer Feefbacks

I'm glad I downloaded the free sample and decided to purchase your eBook. Indeed, the code you provide helped me understand what I'm missing and saved me many hours of coding. Thanks!

Gabi Livni, Richmond

Thank you for providing so much of your own code in the downloadable project template. PHP is also my language of choice so it was very helpful for me.

Bryce W., Toronto

I felt that although API integration was not discussed in full, the rest of the book helped us to speed up our coding, so thank you.

James S.

About the Author

Mr Israel Tzadok
Published Author

I'm an entrepreneur at heart, with more than 25 years of experience in software development.

When I was employed by large- and mid-size companies as a developer, I was exposed to different software methodologies and hardware platforms. These years of experience prepared me for the time when I decided to "go solo" and build my own startups. The book you see here is based on the experience I gained in the last few years when I built startups that failed, but luckily also some that succeeded.

I wish you much success in your endeavors!

Buy the eBook (PDF)
& Project Template -$4.99

Instructions to download the eBook and project template will be sent to you upon payment.

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Book Errata

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